Who is Healing Springs and Why Should I Care?

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Who is Healing Springs?

Healing Springs is the job-training program of Foundation House Ministries, a Cleveland, TN-based maternity home and training program for pregnant and parenting women in critical situations. 

Our women have been trapped in cycles of generational poverty, generational trauma, and we are increasingly seeing generational addiction, as well. 

Healing Springs teaches both hard and soft job skills like product manufacturing, fulfillment, shipping, time management, and being a good employee. 

By purchasing our products (body butter, soap, lotion, and more), you are directly teaching a young mom important job skills like time management, budgeting, customer service, product fulfillment and shipping, basic accounting, inventory management, and so much more!

She is also learning to take pride in her work. When she sees people are interested in her products – when they are bought and shipped – it builds a sense of accomplishment and self-worth that is unbelievable.


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