Fundraising Personal Care Products

Healing Springs Gifts provides a range of personal care products (soap, lip balm, lotion, body butter, soy wax melts, and more) to be used as fundraiser for YOUR benefit!

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Quality Products at a Fair Price

It's hard to find unique, quality beauty and personal care products to support your mission. Healing Springs Gifts has a great selection for you to choose from. You can browse all of our products by visiting our catalog here.

Support Your Mission With Purpose


Looking for a unique fundraiser idea to support your mission? By using products from Healing Springs for your next fundraiser event, you are providing opportunities for pregnant and parenting women in critical situations that are a part of Foundation House Ministries, a maternity home and training program for pregnant and parenting women in critical situations. Your organization or group will receive 40% of all proceeds raised. Each woman who works for Healing Springs has come from cycles of generational poverty, trauma, addiction, and is working to build a new future for herself and her children.

Every purchase from Healing Springs directly affects these women by teaching important job skills like time management, budgeting, customer service, product fulfillment and shipping, basic accounting, inventory management, and so much more! 







Your supporters can purchase with purpose, confident that 100% of all proceeds are supporting worthy ministries - whether yours or ours!

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